February 25, 1997 11:00 AM ET

Finjan Software to launch ActiveX, Java security manager
By Maria Seminerio

  Security software developer Finjan Software Ltd. will offer a preview demonstration of its new SurfinShield Xtra desktop security manager for ActiveX controls and Java applets at the Internet World trade show in Los Angeles next month.

SurfinShield Xtra, which expands upon Finjan's SurfinShield and SurfinGate technology for screening applets before they pass through corporate firewalls, enables users to specify the types of applets allowed to enter desktops, the functions those applets perform and the kinds of resources they can access, according to Finjan officials in Santa Clara, Calif.

The software delivers a display of all "live" Java and ActiveX applet properties, including name and URL; advises the user when a new applet comes onto the desktop; kills specific Java applets and ActiveX controls named by the user; and maintains a database of applet activities, Finjan officials said.

The product, which goes into beta testing next month, will be priced at $149.

The announcement comes amid growing user concern over "hostile" Java applets and ActiveX code. German hackers' recent use of altered ActiveX code in an online banking scam provided the impetus for Microsoft Corp. to clarify security procedures for ActiveX and launch a program to educate users about the security risks of executable code (see "Microsoft debuts security program to address ActiveX issues").

Finjan can be reached at www.finjan.com/.

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