November 26, 1996 5:45 PM ET
CE Software takes aim at Internet E-mail
By Paula Rooney

  CE Software Inc., best known for its Macintosh E-mail, is getting into the Internet E-mail war.

The company has shipped a full-featured Internet E-mail client, QuickMail Pro 1.0, that offers automatic attachment encoding, background mail processing and a Mail Peek feature that allows users to read the first few lines of a message before opening it.

QuickMail Pro 1.0 also features many high-end attributes common to proprietary E-mail clients, such as custom forms and a mail manager that lets users set up rules and filters.

It also allows users to work offline and integrates with browsers so users can launch URLs via hot links in E-mail messages.

Such features come in handy for companies that are building intranets, require a full featured E-mail client and have numerous remote users, one beta tester said.

"We're a long-time QuickMail shop and we have an important internal need for Internet E-mail," said Don Cohen, a vice chairman with InfoNow Corp. in Denver. "QuickMail Pro gives our remote users easier connections and offers an elegant interface that other Internet E-mail programs don't have. I love Netscape - it's a great browser -- but it could use some help on its E-mail abilities."

QuickMail Pro 1.0 runs with Windows 95 or the Mac OS and with any Post Office Protocol 3 server. The Des Moines, Iowa, company also is developing an Internet E-mail server, officials said.

The client costs $69.95, $279.99 for a five-user package or $949.95 for a 25-user pack. CE Software can be reached at

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