December 2, 1996 10:00 AM ET

JavaSoft seeks app branding
Company will kick off 'pure Java' program
By Michael Moeller

  JavaSoft, trying to stay ahead of rival developers attempting to create platform-specific extensions to Java, is expected to launch a marketing and branding program to promote "pure Java" applications and implementations.

The new branding program, due to be unveiled by Internet World next week, will be run with a number of other vendors to help steer developers away from writing Java applications that make use of platform-specific classes or APIs such as Microsoft Corp.'s ActiveX, said sources.

One user applauded the effort, saying that, as of now, what constitutes a pure Java application is quickly becoming a moving target.

"With a mixed environment, platform-specific technologies have been and continue to be a real problem; that is why I like Java," said a corporate developer at a Los Angeles-based defense contractor who requested anonymity. "This is a good move that will help separate out what is really Java and what is a subset."

The move will coincide with an announcement of the final JDK (Java Development Kit), Version 1.1, as well as the introduction of the electronic commerce solutions built with the Java Electronic Commerce Framework introduced earlier this year.

JDK 1.1, due early next year, is being broken into two categories: Core APIs and Extended APIs, said sources. All 68 Java licensees will be required to support all of the Core APIs, while the Extended APIs will be optional.

The core set of APIs in JDK 1.1 includes a new version of the Automated Windowing Toolkit for the Win32 platform; support for securely signing Java applets; a remote method invocation; and Java Database Connectivity, an API for enabling Java applications to make calls to any Open Database Connectivity database.

Also included will be Java Beans, a new object container technology that enables Java objects, ActiveX controls and OpenDoc parts to be blended to create a single application.

Extended Java APIs in JDK 1.1 will support telephony, three-dimensional graphics, electronic commerce, collaborative functions and management features, among others, said sources.

JavaSoft, along with a number of partners, is also expected to announce this week several electronic commerce solutions built on the JECF (Java Electronic Commerce Framework) for electronic purchasing and financial transactions and services over the Internet.

JavaSoft officials in Mountain View, Calif., declined to comment on the branding program, JDK 1.1 and the JECF.

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