December 3, 1996 11:05 AM ET

Microsoft reshuffles top exec mix
By Charles Cooper

  Microsoft Corp. today added two senior executives to the coterie of top officials charged with running the company.

The announcement came as part of a reorganization at the Redmond, Wash., software company, which replaced the Office of the President with a new senior-level decision-making body called the Executive Committee.

Microsoft officials said the company added Senior Vice Presidents Jim Allchin and Brad Silverberg to the newly formed Executive Committee. They join Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates, Bob Herbold, Pete Higgins, Paul Maritz, Nathan Myhrvold and Jeff Raikes in the reconstituted inner sanctum.

The promotions expand the responsibilities for both Silverberg and Allchin. As the executive in charge of Microsoft's personal and business systems group, Allchin will be responsible for Windows operating systems and the server applications division.

Silverberg will run the applications and Internet client group, giving him oversight of Microsoft's desktop applications division, Internet client and collaboration division, tools division, World Wide Web authoring product unit, and developer relations group.

Both Allchin and Silverberg will report to Group Vice President Paul Maritz.

Company officials were not immediately available for comment.

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