December 3, 1996 6:15 PM ET

Fore Systems acquires developer Nemesys
By Paula Musich

  Fore Systems Inc. today announced its acquisition of British-based high-quality video supplier Nemesys Research Ltd.

The stock pooling, valued at about $17 million, will enable Fore, an ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) infrastructure provider, to enter the applications arena by adding a full-motion JPEG video encoder and decoder to its lineup of ATM switches and adapters.

"The AVA 300 and ATV 300 are designed to take advantage of ATM signaling and multicast capabilities," said Ron McKenzie, vice president of marketing for Fore, in Warrendale, Pa. "We see Nemesys providing video distribution -- a big driver that we're seeing more of for ATM."

Fore sees the already completed acquisition as a natural extension of its ATM infrastructure products, especially as the company moves to provide "complete solutions," McKenzie said.

The Nemesys products, which deliver full-motion JPEG video at 30 frames per second, are used for such applications as distance learning, remote surveillance, diagnostic imaging and remote consultation.

Fore intends to maintain Nemesys' development facility in Cambridge, England, officials said.

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