December 5, 1996 11:00 AM ET

New tools, support for Java on IBM's plate at Internet World
By Maria Seminerio

  IBM is planning a series of product launches at next week's Internet World in New York that will highlight its increasing focus on Web server management, Java-based utilities and Web-enabled data mining tools for intranets.

Among the technologies set for release at are:

  • Network Dispatcher, a software tool for distributing traffic across multiple World Wide Web servers;

  • net.Mining, a suite of data warehousing and data mining tools, including the SurfAid, Customer Discovery and Product Discovery Web site traffic and customer behavior analysis tools;

  • NetRexx and AppletAuthor (among the first commercial applications of Java Beans), which are authoring tools for Java-based applications and Web content;

  • VideoCharger Server for AIX, a real-time audio and video server for the Internet and corporate intranets;

  • VisualAge WebRunner Server Works, a tool for building, distributing and tracking server applications on the Web, based on a C++ framework;

  • INet Advisor, a series of free online tools for evaluating return on investment and planning the implementation of electronic commerce and intranet solutions, based on Lotus Development Corp.'s Domino technology, and;

  • A preview of Isis, a Java-based technology for adding time elements to multimedia content presented on Web pages.

    IBM, based in Armonk, N.Y., can be reached at

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