December 9, 1996 1:45 PM ET

Pretty Good Privacy introduces 'cookie cutter' for browsers
By Margaret Kane

  Internet users who relish their privacy have to do battle with "cookies," technology supported by popular World Wide Web browsers that lets sites exchange information with visitors' computers.

Pretty Good Privacy Inc. today announced PGPcookie.cutter, a browser plug-in that lets users fight back by selectively blocking cookies.

The plug-in will be available in January for $19.95 in Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh versions for Netscape Communications Corp.'s Navigator.

Most Web browsers can notify users when a site attempts to set a cookie and let them block it. The PGP program lets users preprogram their browsers to block or allow only specific cookies to be set on their browsers. It also shows the number of cookies Web sites have attempted to set and where they are coming from, said officials for the Redwood Shores, Calif., company.

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