December 10, 1996 5:30 PM ET
Satellite Internet access service to debut at Internet World
By Maria Seminerio

  ISP AppliedTheory Communications Inc. will announce Wednesday at Internet World that it has signed a deal with satellite and multimedia developer NetSat Express Inc. to provide 400K-bps satellite-based Internet access and World Wide Web services to parts of the developing world.

The planned satellite system will serve countries in Eastern Europe, South and Central America, the Pacific Rim and Africa and will be aimed at areas with inadequate or nonexistent telephone service, AppliedTheory officials said.

NetSat Express, based in Hauppauge, N.Y., is a strategic alliance between Worldcomm Systems Inc. and Hughes Network Systems. It has developed wireless and satellite networking technology to enable overseas customers to link to AppliedTheory's T-3 backbone, officials of the companies said.

"In cooperation with regional partners, we anticipate building high-performance facilities around the world for network management and engineering that will eventually become regional ISPs [Internet service providers]," said Richard Mandelbaum, president of AppliedTheory. "Local telephone companies, universities, ISP startups, government agencies and international relief organizations would be prime prospects for this service," he said.

The companies also will provide Web site hosting and customized training services, officials said.

AppliedTheory, formerly known as NyserNet, was the first nongovernment ISP in the United States. It is based in Great Neck, N.Y., and can be reached at NetSat Express can be reached at

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