December 11, 1996 11:15 AM ET
'100% Pure Java' campaign launched
By Michael Moeller

  NEW YORK--JavaSoft will be joined by some of its biggest partners today to roll out a new branding campaign, titled "100% Pure Java."

Among the Java licensees that will take part in the rollout of the initiative here are Netscape Communications Corp., Oracle Corp., Apple Computer Inc., and IBM.

The initiative is designed to help corporate IS managers recognize and develop a cross-platform Java solution, as opposed to a Java implementation that may have vendor- or platform-specific ties. According to sources, JavaSoft will likely tap an independent third party to help test and verify "Pure Java" implementations.

In addition, JavaSoft, the Cupertino, Calif., subsidiary of Sun Microsystems Inc., is also introducing a key component for Java that will link the technology to back-end systems. The new Transaction Services API will enable Java applets to be created that provide online transaction processing capabilities. The API was created with the help of IBM.

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