December 12, 1996 2:00 PM ET
Novell updates IntranetWare with enhanced server support
By Lisa Wirthman

  Novell Inc. on Wednesday announced sweeping plans to buttress its IntranetWare network operating system, including added Internet connectivity and server enhancements.

The Provo, Utah, networking vendor announced at Internet World in New York early access and beta versions of Internet connectivity and Web Server enhancements for IntranetWare. It also debuted "Kayak" -- an IntranetWare platform for small businesses.

In addition, Novell released an early access CD-ROM for IntranetWare that previews forthcoming proxy cache, security services and virtual private networking technologies that offer improved security, performance and manageability of users' Internet connections, company officials said. The features are due next year.

Novell also announced a final beta of Web Server Version 3.0 with Secure Sockets Layer support and an application to manage digital certificates.

Novell will finalize a partnership this week with VeriSign Inc. to provide digital certificates to IntranetWare customers, officials said. Novell next year also will deliver enhancements to enable digital certificates to be stored in NDS (Novell Directory Services).

Version 3.0 of Web Server offers double the performance of the previous version and enables World Wide Web pages to be stored on file servers. Also featured are connectivity to Oracle Corp. databases; multi-homing support and the Novell Quick Finder Search Engine. Version 3.0, due in January, will be available for free.

Also in final beta is Kayak, a version of IntranetWare aimed at single-site companies with 25 users or less, said officials. Due early next year, Kayak features simple installation, a new Novell Easy Administration Tool, migration utilities and a single-site version of NDS.

In addition, Kayak sports remote access, Novell Web Server 2.5 and Netscape Communications Corp.'s Navigator 3.0 browser. It will be upgraded next year to support Version 3.0 of Web Server and to integrate Java capabilities, officials said.

Novell also delivered its new IntranetWare software development kit for Java with an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine, just-in-time compilers and Java tools.

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