December 18, 1996 2:00 PM ET
Team to explore integrating Boeing, McDonnell Douglas IS staffs
By Jeff Moad

  Approximately 12,000 IS employees at Boeing Co. and McDonnell Douglas Corp. will have to wait to learn what the proposed $13.3 billion merger of the two aerospace giants will mean for them and their projects.

Although the deal won't be final before the middle of next year, officials say transition teams will be formed within the next month to begin planing integration of the two organizations. Team members have not been identified yet.

The team looking at IS will find Seattle-based Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, of St. Louis, flying in formation on some key projects. Both, for example, are involved in major projects to automate the tracking of the various parts and subassemblies that make up their commercial airplanes.

Boeing's system is based on off-the-shelf software from Baan Co. and other vendors and is planned for deployment at 70 sites by the end of next year. McDonnell Douglas' Configuration, Definition and Management System, had been due to begin rolling out last July.

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