October 30, 1995

Average Web user: Male, 35

By Amy Schurr

Companies that want to learn more about who's using the Internet can find demographic information from a variety of sources on the World-Wide Web.

For example, a survey conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology found that 80 percent of Web users are male, that their mean age is 35, and that their median income is $50,000 to $60,000. Other results from the Georgia Tech Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center's third semiannual Web user survey can be found at http://www.cc.gatech.edu/gvu/user_surveys/survey-04-1995.

Businesses may also want to check out The Hermes Project, a research project on commercial uses of the Web, for the results of a survey of consumers on the Internet. The page is at http://www.umich.edu/~sgupta/hermes/.

Vanderbilt University's Project 2000, a research program on marketing in computer-mediated environments, features many links to information on Web marketing and related sites. Project 2000 is located at http://www2000.ogsm.vanderbilt.edu/links.cgi.

SRI International Inc. categorizes Web users as belonging to one of 10 "psychographic" types in its IVALS (Internet Values and Lifestyles) survey. Learn your type at http://future.sri.com/.

O'Reilly & Associates Inc. and Trish Information Services Inc. conducted a three-phase survey of Web users. Some of the results and charts are available at http://www.ora.com/survey/.

Finally, MIDS Inc.'s WWW site at http://www1.mids.org/mids/ids/ids.html summarizes the results of the Second MIDS Internet Demographics Survey.

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