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Unicenter TNG: Network views with added dimension
CA Unicenter TNG's global view Computer Associates International calls its overhauled Unicenter package "The Next Generation" -- and its 3-D interface certainly looks like something out of "Star Trek."

But beneath the cityscapes and rotating globe is a comprehensive -- and complex -- network management package. PC Week Labs took a look at Unicenter TNG and found that while it does a good job of centralizing all aspects of systems and network management, its price tag and steep learning curve mean that it's not for everyone.

For more on Unicenter, see:

  • A taste of the Real World
    The Real World virtual reality navigation in CA's Unicenter TNG gives users a global view of their enterprise networks.

  • CA bolsters Unicenter
    Computer Associates is banking that upcoming options and third-party alliances turn Unicenter TNG into a more effective enterprise management tool.


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