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The Living Web:
Pods in Tucson

At Esther Dyson's PC Forum, this year's theme is "The Living Web," where the forum is broken into a series of, you guessed it, pods. Physical space, conceptual space, social life, multiplayer games, 3-D, traditional media, brands and advertising each get their own pod.

Add in your guest list of celebs -- including Michael Crichton, Michael Bloomberg, Reed Hundt -- a little cocktail chatter at The Westin La Paloma in Tucson and as much cyber, digi and infotalk as you'd never care to hear and "The Living Web" will start to grow on you.

Watch this page for reports from PC Week Editorial Director Jim Louderback, Editor-in-Chief Eric Lundquist and columnist/rumormonger Spencer F. Katt as they live The Living Web.

Jim Louderback's PC Forum Diary

PC Week's editorial director describes the ambience at PC Forum, engages in some deep thinking about metaphors and hears Michael Crichton kvetch about the Internet.



  • Metaphor, models and myths, oh my! PC Week Editor-in-Chief Eric Lundquist looks for news at PC Forum and finds it . . . late at night in the hotel bar and in backroom meetings.


Digital bon mots

"It's about sex," said Roger Black of Interactive Bureau, in response to a question on where the "humaness" is on the Web. He claimed that commercial sites don't like to talk about it, but sexual-oriented themes drive much of the Web.

Kyle Shannon, director of New York-based Agency.Com:
 . . . on what a Web site is: "A venue where participants engage in events."

 . . . on VRML sites: "I think a lot of 3-D technology and virtual reality is in such an early stage that those sites kind of suck."


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