March 10, 1997 10:00 AM ET

AltaVista extends directory, adds firewall
By Jim Kerstetter

  AltaVista Internet Software Inc. is gearing up to add a new search directory, a three-alarm firewall and a new version of its virtual private network to its line of Internet applications.

AltaVista, the Littleton, Mass., spin-off of Digital Equipment Corp., will launch the new products this week at Internet World in Los Angeles.

Leading the releases will be the ABCD (AltaVista Business Card Directory) search directory, said Product Director Gary Brooks.

The directory's foundation will be a Web site-at links to AltaVista's existing Web site and contains a list of business contacts. Users can query the list using new phonetic spelling capabilities. ABCD will cull its business index from users of Directory 97, AltaVista's recently released intranet directory server.

The company will supply an add-on module, expected to be available within a week, to current users of Directory 97, allowing them to make certain names on their internal directory automatically accessible to the public.

Alta Vista sneak preview

Highlights at Internet World:

  • Alta Vista Business Card Directory
  • Alta Vista Firewall 97
  • Alta Vista Tunnel 97 (56-bit key encryption)
  • Windows NT Intranet Pack

Also at the show, AltaVista will announce AltaVista Firewall 97. The firewall system has a three-step alarm process designed to automatically alert an administrator via a pager, E-mail or audio alarm while fending off the intruder. If the attack continues, the firewall will shut down the Internet connection.

The firewall allows for remote administration and comes with a user datagram protocol proxy server for RealAudio streaming through the firewall.

Firewall 97 pricing starts at $3,995 for 50 users.

Also on the security front, the company will announce AltaVista Tunnel 97, a Windows NT version of the company's virtual private network technology that can now scale up to 200 users. Tunnel 97 Personal Edition costs $99. The Workgroup Edition costs $995. Both are scheduled to be available next month.

AltaVista also will announce the availability of the Windows NT Intranet Pack, which combines the company's Mail, Directory and Forum servers. Pricing for the pack begins at $995.

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