March 13, 1997 1:45 PM ET
Microcom to roll out new modems; Boca and Bay announce 56K pricing
By Scott Berinato

  Microcom Inc. next week will announce a bevy of products that cover both client and server technologies.

In the remote-access server realm, the company will announce on Monday a product resulting from its partnership with Digital Equipment Corp.

Microcom's V.34 modems and Modemware code will be included in Digital's forthcoming DECserver 900MC. The 900MC is an eight-port server designed for small-to-medium access needs, said Microcom officials.

On Tuesday, Microcom will announce 56K-bps versions of the OfficePorte Voice SVD (Simultaneous Voice and Data) and DeskPorte P external modems. They are expected to ship in April for $189 and $219, respectively, according to company officials in Norwood, Mass.

Microcom's modems are based on Rockwell Semiconductor Systems Inc. chip sets and support K56Flex technology.

The company also will announce the ISPorte, a central site access concentrator for enterprise networks and Internet service providers. It is scheduled to ship in the second quarter.

Finally, a 56K-bps version of Microcom's Access Integrator will be shipped in the second half of the year, officials said.

In other 56K news, both Boca Research Inc. and Bay Networks Inc. this week announced their 56K-bps pricing strategies. Boca's 56K-bps products, which began shipping late last month, will cost between $149 and $169 for users who trade in any 28.8K-bps or 33.6K-bps modem. A $30 rebate is also available. Users who trade in a Boca 33.6K-bps modem will pay $99 for a 56K-bps device, said officials of the Boca Raton, Fla., company.

Bay, meanwhile, will offer free software upgrades for its carrier-class 5399 Remote Access Concentrator module. The company also will initiate a trade-in program for users of the Remote Annex 6100 and 6300 and the 5391 and 5393 RAC modules. Upgrades will be available in the third quarter, officials in Santa Clara, Calif., said.

Both Boca and Bay support K56Flex technology.

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