March 17, 1997 1:15 PM ET
NEC to RAID the corporate market
By James Gruener

  NEC Computer Systems Division, a division of Packard Bell NEC, is expected to announce tomorrow a new application server that includes RAID hardware as part of the standard package.

Called the ProServa HX, this server comes equipped with one, two or four 200 MHz Pentium Pro processors. It will be the first product in the ProServa line to include RAID hardware as a standard feature to protect mission-critical data.

Officials of the Mountain View, Calif., company said the new server is designed to supply larger storage capacities to enterprise-level users through an expandable application server.

The ProServa HX also comes equipped with 12 hot-plug swappable disk bays that provide more than 100GB of storage capacity in the cabinet.

The 12 bays are split into dual six-bay sections, each driven by a separate channel on the Ultra RAID controller to optimize throughput. There are also two embedded fast/wide ultra SCSI controllers.

It is packaged with a Peripheral Component Interconnect-based dual channel Mylex RAID controller that has 4MB of parity-protected disk cache.

The base system also supports two CPU boards and has 10 expansion slots for add-in cards. It supports 2GB of ECC (error-correcting code) memory and has 16 single in-line memory module sockets to upgrade memory capacity.

Available through NEC channel partners, the ProServa HX is available now with an estimated street price for a dual processor with 128MB of ECC memory and Ultra RAID starting under $15,000.

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