March 26, 1997 1:30 PM ET
Novell's next products will target remote access, intranet
By Renee Deger

  SALT LAKE CITY--Novell Inc. Tuesday released a beta test version of its NDS program that supports RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service), an emerging standard for remotely accessing networks.

With RADIUS for Novell Directory Services available on the company's Web site, administrators can control and manage remote access from a single site, said Michael Simpson, director of marketing for Novell's Internet Infrastructure Division, in Orem, Utah.

The release at BrainShare, the company's annual user conference attended by some 6,000 people this year, was part of a package of products and related announcements.

Novell revealed that the next release of its IntranetWare server, developed under the code name Moab, will be available this December or next January.

In August or September, developers may access Novell's new Border Services technology, said Coleman Barry, vice president of marketing for Novell's Internet products group. Border Services is a new category of products that aim to secure the connection of a company's intranet with the Internet, said Denice Gibson, senior vice president of Internet products.

Border Services provides for security access control by leveraging NDS; it utilizes Novell's IPX protocol as well as the industry-standard IP protocol. The technology also calls for a proxy cache with Web acceleration capability and a secure extranet by enabling a virtual private network.

Developers can peek at the technology through Novell's early-access program, which exposes technologies in Novell's lab before they are released in beta, said Gibson.

Novell also has issued a CD-ROM of tools and applications that integrate Microsoft Corp.'s products with Novell servers.

In addition, Novell's education group will begin offering a special program for Certified Novell Engineers for IntranetWare and a Web Designer track for the CNE Professional program.

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