March 26, 1997 2:00 PM ET
Intergraph to launch new 3-D systems next week
By Margaret Kane

  Intergraph Computer Systems Inc. next week will take aim at users who want PCs that can run three-dimensional graphics, when it launches three new PCs based on Intel Corp.'s Pentium processors with MMX.

Intergraph, best known for servers and workstations, got into the PC market at the end of 1996 featuring scaled-down versions of the company's RealiZm 3D graphics accelerator. The new systems that will be announced next week also will feature the graphics accelerator.

Intergraph's TD-220 model will include the Intense 3D 1000 graphics option, which supports Windows NT-based operations, and APIs for OpenGL, a software system that helps create two-dimensional and 3-D graphics. That system, which runs on either a 180MHz or 200MHz Pentium Pro, is aimed at CAD users and 3-D content creators and features up to 256MB of RAM. The TD-220 system starts at $1,680.

The Intense 3D 100 option offered in the TD-22 and TD-25 models is aimed at Windows 95 users to accelerate performance of 3-D gaming and multimedia. The TD-22 system comes with a Pentium processor running at 133MHz, 166MHz or 200MHz, with up to 64MB of RAM and starts at $1,185.

The TD-25 model, which comes with either a 166MHz or 200MHz MMX processor and up to 64MB of RAM, starts at $1,485.

Intergraph, based in Huntsville, Ala., also will introduce a TD desktop system later this year featuring the Pentium II. Intel is expected to launch that chip in May.

Users can order preconfigured systems from Intergraph over the company's Web site at starting May 5.

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