March 27, 1997 11:30 AM ET
Windows NT boot process gets a kick
By Scott Berinato

  Network administrators will soon have boot ROM firmware from Lanworks Technologies Inc. that eases the boot procedure on Windows NT networks.

Lanworks' BootWare ROM product line, shipping next week, adds DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) support as an alternative to the current use of RPL for booting up workstations on a network.

DHCP is considered a better boot technology because it is routable and more widely implemented, officials of Lanworks, in Toronto, said.

A Boot ROM is a chip that goes on a NIC (Network Interface Card) that allows a PC to boot from a network file server, easing support and administration for client PCs, said officials.

Initially, the BootWare ROM, priced at $39, will support Windows 95, 3.x and DOS clients using NICs from 3Com Corp., Intel Corp., and Standard Microsystems Corp., with others following later this year.

Support for Windows NT client desktops is also planned for later this year, officials said.

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